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Christening Dove Release

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Christening Dove Release

For you, a new life and a new chapter, a journey for you all ho promise to Love, Cherish and to keep your child safe in the path they choose You can release three white doves which will represent Health, Wealth and Happiness

The Parents and Godparents will have the choice to release the Doves form the Carrier the Basket or Personally release them by hand. Siblings can release to a Dove to represent the  and welcome the arrival of their Brother or Sister into their lives.

A Flock of Doves is a memorable celebration of Joy and Happiness, one that you can share with family and friends as you embark on your new life together.

Christening Pricing – Baskets & Carriers

Our Christening doves are traditionally released as a single dove to symbolise New Life.  It is also a lovely gesture for siblings to release a dove to welcome their new brother or sister, symbolising the joining of lives. We will work with you in choosing the right release for your occasion.

Once released the doves will fly upward into the sky together before making their way home – a gorgeous symbol of hope, love and life.

Baskets and Carriers – the doves can then be released by hand or from chosen baskets and display cages.

we have a beautiful array to choose from, which can be decorated with your colour scheme, personalised effects (i.e teddies. ribbons, flowers) or used naturally or plain white.

Doves can be released individually, by hand or in flocks.

Single dove from £135.00  

(includes silk flower and ribbon decoration for the Basket or Display Cage)

Additional decorated baskets £20.00 each

Pair of doves from £225.00 2 Cages inside or outside Venue plus 1 Pair of Doves for Release 

Each additional dove thereafter £10.00 each.

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