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F & Q

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time of the Day is Best to Release the a Dove

The specific time of the day is quite flexible, but what we must bear in mind is that we must allow enough time for our Birds to return home before Dusk.

Do the Doves return Home 

Yes the Doves do return Home back to their Loft

Are your Doves Pure White 

Yes all our Doves are Pure White

What equipment are the doves released from?

Our doves can be released from baskets, cages or carriers.

These are traditionally white and decorated with silk flower arrangements and ivy as well as coloured ribbon to match the event.

How do the doves arrive at my chosen venue?

The doves are transported in special travelling baskets; the floor is lined with hessian for the bird’s to grip whilst traveling with clean pine wood shavings to keep the birds clean.

It is essential that you are as accurate as possible regarding the release time.

The doves will be placed in the release basket, carrier or cage ready for release at the agreed time.

We understand unforeseen delays occur but our doves can only be temporarily stored in the release baskets.

How can I be certain that a dove won’t “mess” on anyone during the release?

A: When dealing with live animals, nothing can be 100% certain.

However, we do adjust the doves feeding schedule according to their release schedule so we can greatly minimize the chances of an “accident” occuring.

The doves know once they get home, they will be fed to their hearts content.

This is one of the main reasons our birds return home after each release.



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