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Funeral Doves Gosford Green

Funeral Doves Gosford Green

We are aware that there are certain times when our doves are needed to mark an important occasion such as the Funeral Doves Gosford Green Doves Gosford Green, Funeral Dove Release Gosford Green White Doves Gibbet Hill Dove Release Companies Gosford Green passing of a loved one or to remember our friends and family members.

We have provided white doves on numerous such occasions and the peace and tranquility brought about by our birds at funerals and memorial services, has been received with the same grace that has been naturally present in white doves from the beginning of time.

For centuries man has used symbols to portray a message.

The white dove is the symbol of faith, fidelity, peace and love.

At a funeral or memorial service, a dove release can be a peaceful and healing tribute.

A beautiful way of expressing a final goodbye, of letting go.

The releasing of White Doves can offer a feeling of peace and calmness, helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one.

You can Release a single bird or a flock the choice is yours.

As all the birds we use are homing Doves, they will fly back to their coups on the same day

We work closely with many funeral directors to ensure we meet each families requirements for their white dove release with the greatest respect, dignity and professionalism.

Our handlers are very experienced in managing the doves, we always dress appropriately for the occasion and our doves are presented in tastefully decorated baskets or Cages whichever is your Preffered Choice.

Doves can be released individually, by hand or in flocks.

Single dove from £135.00

(includes silk flower and ribbon decoration for the Basket or Display Cage)

2 doves in a Decorative Basket or Cage or 1 of Each £175.00

Additional decorated baskets £20.00 each

Each additional dove thereafter £10.00 each.

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