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We hold the right to cancel the release if your event is delayed, resulting in insufficient time for the doves to fly home before dusk, or we are missing our next appointed time.

We give ourselves up to half an hour from the time the release will take place, as a safety net.

If we are late, for reasons that we cannot control (1.e. traffic) we will call ahead to inform you.

If we have to cancel for any reason at late notice, full refund will be given.

Release Delays

Terms of Use & Dove Release Policy

Our doves are very important to us and their welfare has to come first in all conditions.

We cannot release our doves in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog,  snow, or strong winds as they cannot navigate home safely.  

Of course we cannot predict the weather and we do understand that you will be disappointed.  

If we have to cancel a release due to bad weather we will offer an alternative time and day or special ocassion.

If you wish to cancel, there will be no refund of any monies paid unless 4 weeks notice is given.

Release Times and Places

The birds cannot be released inside, or at night time.

 The radius for the birds is 60 miles from Coventry.

However this is extended during the summer months.

The last release time for the birds is 45 minutes before sunsetDoves can be released any other time earlier during daylight.

 An experienced dove handler will be present at all times to co-ordinate the release.

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